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Meet Hollis Bascom

Hollis Bascom
Executive Director

When I retired I was going to enjoy life with my wife, 9 Grandchildren, and 4 Great grandchildren. I was content working with local charities, attending and volunteering at my church.

However, I began to feel the Holy Spirit pointing me in an unexpected direction. Over months I was lead to form this ministry and met Pastor Peter Tembo. I had a clear vision of what I, then we, were supposed to do and Peter quickly became a partner and together we launched WWLLJ Ministries as it is today.

We both understood that communities in developing nations need a lot of help with resources to create a better life for themselves. Many times these resources are in the form of money to buy food, medicine, clothing, educational opportunity etc.

I was shown that the way to help communities thrive was to help them become self-sufficient. We are now  farming  and raising chickens to not only feed communities but to help pay for other needs as well.

The program of self-sufficiency is  something we plan to introduce throughout Africa and other countries as the ministry matures.

WWLLJ Ministries is a Holy Spirit lead ministry where the guiding principles are Discipleship, Human Reconciliation, and Building Self-Reliant Communities around the world. Our initial work has been in central Africa where we are proving our mission and its effectiveness.

We are about to enter our third year and are now a formally recognized nonprofit organization in the USA and Zambia. I feel God is working through us so that many people are helped by the work we do. The ministry is seeing many more people interested in supporting the effort that helps people help themselves.